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    Amsterdam London Finance Tour 2018
    Opportunities in Finance at your fingertips
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    Eager to discover the world of
    investment banking, asset management and private equity?
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    Visit headquarters of leading financial institutions
    And make some new friends

*** APPLICATION DEADLINE  31/07/19 ***


Are you interested in pursuing a professional career in finance whilst discovering two of the biggest financial centers of Europe?  Look no further! Capitant presents to you the Amsterdam-London Finance Tour, from 23/10/2018 until 27/10/2018.

The key investment to your future career in Finance.

After organizing the Amsterdam Banking Tour and the London Finance Trip for a few years, we now give our students the opportunity to experience best of both cities in 1 trip. During the tour you will be able to enjoy presentations, solve cases, participate in investment games and you will get the possibility to network with several employees.

This tour will give you a clear view of the operational practices and possible career opportunities at major international financial institutions. A fulltime position or internship could be the result of your participation in the ALFT. Most students who went either on the Amsterdam Banking Tour of the London Finance Trip can confirm the success and effectiveness of the trip.

Capitant offers you this unique tour for 420 euros (430 for non-members) including all transport and the overnight accommodation in both cities, a prep event so you can enter these institutions fully prepared. Also included in this price are networking opportunities with our alumni, who are working for several of the biggest financial institutions in each city. This gives you the chance to discover how you can chase a professional career in finance and what it is like to live in these cities.


ALFT includes visits to some of the world’s best-known institutions and banks, including:

ABN Amro

Kempen & Co


Houlihan Lokey

Force over Mass Capital



If you want to join us on our trip, the application process starts on September 8th. ALFT is only available to 24 students. At the start of the application period, you can find the application form on the Capitant website. The application is based on CV + cover letter and we are looking for students who are highly motivated to pursue an international career in finance. We would advise all selected students to study ‘400 IB questions’ and ‘Vault guide to IB’. All participants must be fluent in English. Please mention your LinkedIn profile as well. The DEADLINE for application is 30/09/18.

Capitant will organize a preparation event for the selected students. It will give you the opportunity to learn more about each company we are going to visit on the tour, clarify some high impact news issues and give you a speed course in business etiquettes. Another important topic we will cover in this prep session is how to apply for internships. The preparation event will include an interactive presentation by some of our alumni, followed by an informal diner. The preparation event will take place the 13th of October. For more details about this event, we would like to direct you to the facebook event.

You can direct ask any question to alft@capitant.be.


All students with a keen interest in finance and eager to explore the opportunities in London can apply. Speaking Dutch is not a prerequisite.
Every participant in the Amsterdam London Finance Tour is required to pay a participants fee of 420 euros (430 euros for non-members). This includes overnight stays, breakfast and transport. Personal expenses are not included.

We look forward to welcoming you on our tour!


In 2017 our program included visits to some of the world’s best-known institutions and banks, including: BlackRock, Bloomberg, Barclays, Lloyd’s, Société Générale, Morningstar, London Business School, etc. (Note that participants will be split up in groups of 20 and will visit minimum 7 companies.) Each bank will give a presentation during which they will provide details on the specific industry they are working in and on the career opportunities they have for young professionals. Also some workshops and an interactive investment game are included in the program. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to meet the employees in an informal manner during lunches and network drinks.

Over the coming months, we will update the list of participating banks for the Amsterdam London Finance Tour in October 2018.

The cities

The Amsterdam London Finance Tour gives students a clear view of the operational practices and possible career opportunities at major international financial institutions. The city of London is one of the world’s leading international financial centers. Hundreds of financial institutions from all over the world have settled in one squared mile that accommodates over 500 banks. It is an enormous attraction for everyone interested in Banking and Investment Banking in particular.

Amsterdam’s financial district is located south of the city and is one of the biggest in Europe. The world’s first central bank and stock exchange was in Amsterdam. It is the home of several international banking chains, including the biggest brands from Asia, Europe and North America. Today, the financial sector employs more than 270.000 people. It is a great place for everyone interested in Finance, Banking and Investment Banking.

Participating Companies

NN investment partners

  • Insurance and asset management

NN investment partners is an insurance and asset management company active in more than 18 countries, with a strong presence in a number of European countries and Japan. Our roots lie in the Netherlands, with a rich history that stretches back 170 years.

ABN Amro

  • Financial Services