Four books Every Finance Student Should Read.

Published Thursday, April 26 2018 | Nick Gautier

There are lots of books out there and to distinguish the good from the bad isn’t always easy. At Capitant we have some fanatic readers, therefore we decided to share our experience and put together a list of books which we think are worth reading. Most of them will cover finance and economic related topics.

This will be the first of many reading lists as we will try to put together three lists each academic year. We hope you will enjoy reading them and learn things you can use throughout your whole life.

Superhubs – How the financial elite & their networks rule our world

by Sandre Navidi

The title is a little misleading. It is not a book about conspiracy or the likes but all about networking and why it is important in your career. Sandra Navidi explains the power of networks and both the positive and negative impact the can have on your life. She does this by giving and explaining real life examples, all of them are finance & business related, for example, what happened with the network of Strauss-Kahn after the allegations.



by Stephen D. Levitt

Freakonomics is an extraordinary book, both fun and inspiring questions are solved that had never been asked before. The reason why I would recommend this book is because it will broaden your way of thinking about how to ask questions and how to use data to solve those questions. Apart from that, it is also just fun to read.


De limieten van de markt

by Paul De Grauwe

Professor De Grauwe tries to explain why it so difficult to find a balance between free markets and government control. The reason this balance is so difficult to find is that we see a circular movement between the two and when one smashes into its borders, the other one takes over. What I learned from reading this book is why it is sometimes very difficult for policy makers to make the right decisions if they want to act liberal and nudge behaviour, like Richard Thaler would say.

It is a Dutch book and I haven’t found an English version yet.


The Hidden Wealth of Nations

by Gabriel Zucman

If you are interested in tax evasion this book should be on your shelf. In a very comprehensible way this book explains how people try to evade taxes by using tax havens like the Cayman Islands and how banks help them. Gabriel Zucman also gives statistics about how much money, according to his calculations, is stashed in these places among others. He also gives some concrete measures governments can take to tackle this problem.

This book is also available in Dutch: belastingparadijzen.

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