Study tips by Peter De Keyzer & Geert Noels

Published Friday, June 08 2018 | Nick Gautier


In these dark, hard times everyone can use some extra help to make the upcoming month somewhat easier. We asked well known professionals Peter De Keyzer and Geert Noels to give some tips on how to “survive” this month.
The first thing that will help is creating structure. Plan your week and even your day. Write down what you want to get done that day. You probably won’t follow this schedule exactly, but it will help create guidance. Economist Geert Noels advises to switch between courses every couple of days. You will not be productive studying the same course for four consecutive days. Secondly, Noels recommends against studying past 10pm unless it is absolutely necessary. Going to bed early helps to be well rested.
Another vital tip De Keyzer & Noels want to stress is the importance of exercise. Getting some exercise helps you relax and clear your mind. This peace at mind will help you concentrate and sleep better. Peter De Keyzer, managing partner at Growth Inc., says anything goes: running for an hour, 200 push-ups or take the bike when going to the store. Turn off your smartphone for half a day until you take your lunch or dinner break. It will increase your concentration enormously. The less you look at your iPhone, the more you study and the less effort it will take to memorise things. Noels adds that it is helpful to have a study buddy who can support you and help you with any questions you have.

“Do not be afraid to ask for help! Nobody gets through college on their own. ” – Michelle Obama

Finally, don’t try to do the impossible, this will only increase your stress level. Being realistic about what you can do and staying calm are the keys to success.

Good luck with your exams from all of us at Capitant!



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