Active in 5 cities across the whole of Belgium, with more than 12 years of experience and a network of more than 465 alumni. This is our story.

Our history

  • 2010

    Establishment of Capitant

  • 2011

    Capitant wins the UNIZO price for entrepreneurship

  • 2012

    First full academic year in Leuven

  • 2013

    First full academic year in Ghent and Brussels & broadcasted on national television (CANVAS)

  • 2014

    Capitant organizes the Traders Trophy Competition in Belgium & over 100 participants have joined the London Finance Trip

  • 2015

    Capitant reaches over 1.000 active members & foundation of alumni network (Capitumni)

  • 2016

    First Amsterdam intern trip for 20 high-profile members & record numbers of partners signed

  • 2017

    Over 1.200 active members all around Belgium

  • 2018

    Growing demand from Amsterdam results in the Amsterdam-London finance trip

  • 2019

    First full academic year in Liège

  • 2020

    During COVID-19, activities continued to be organized through hybrid and livestream formats

  • 2021

    Over 1.500 members share Capitant’s values and vision

  • 2022

    Capitant partnered with Belgiums biggest financial newspaper to host Talent Fair @ Finance Avenue

  • 2023

    First Ladies Networking Evening, reflecting Capitant’s commitment to inclusivity

Capitant is Belgium’s leading financial student organisation, dedicated to guiding students of all backgrounds through the world of finance.

We warmly welcome both eager financial novices seeking to broaden their knowledge as well as seasoned finance students. We achieve this by organising local events such as lectures, workshops, and in-house days across five cities: Antwerp, Brussels, Ghent, Leuven, and Liège. On a national level, we aim to gather the best students in finance through the career tracks as well as national case competitions such as Lawyers vs. Bankers or our yearly M&A case competition. Additionally, we organise international events, like the Amsterdam-London Finance Trip.

Capitant offers an open and inclusive environment where students can acquire economic and financial knowledge, enjoy shared experiences, and network with a dynamic and like-minded community. We achieve this through partnerships with our longstanding, established network of top-tier financial institutions, banks, consulting firms, and more to enrich the academic journey of our members, expand their professional network and build enduring friendships within the world of finance.

Our structure

The structure

Capitant is part of the Capitant Group, together with Capitumni and Capiness. These three entities act independently from each other and have their own board, but they are connected. This structure allows Capitant Group to maximise cooperation and communication. A future endowment aims at being financially sustainable.

Capitant itself is represented by an umbrella organisation (Capitant Belgium) and five cities (Capitant Antwerp, Leuven, Ghent, Brussels and Liège). Capitant Belgium, that consists of a national President and five Directors, structures and puts up the strategy and roles of Capitant. Every month, the Belgium board meets with all five presidents of the respective cities while working towards Capitant’s future endeavours.


Another part of the Capitant Group is the Capitumni. These are alumni who were active in different Capitant cities back in the days. They work independently from Capitant but nevertheless they want to provide networking opportunities to our board members. Every year, they organise some events to meet the new board and to welcome them into Capitant’s alumni family.



Partner at 6 Degrees Capital


Chairman Capitumni, Co-Founder & President Antwerp (2010-2012)


Business Engineering, University of Antwerp



Financial Planning and Analysis Director BeNeFraLux at AB-InBev


Capitant Antwerp Treasury,
Capitant Belgium (2012-2014)


Business Economics, University of Antwerp

Thomas Batsleer


Investment Manager at Holland Capital


Corporate Relations Ghent, Capitant Belgium (2013-2015)


MIF, ESCP Europe
Business Engineering, Ghent University

Michaël Wouters


Investment Professional


Capitant Antwerp Marketing, VP, & Capitant Belgium (2012-2015)


Business Economics, University of Antwerp

Wim Van Halewyck


Senior Associate Private Equity Research


Corporate Relations, President Capitant Antwerp (2016-2018)


Business Engineering, University of Antwerp

Liesa Van Laere


Investment Banking Analyst


Capitant Antwerp Projects & President (2018-2020)


Business Economics, University of Antwerp

Vincent Nagels


Investment Analyst


Capitant Leuven Career, National President (2018-2020)


Business Administration, KU Leuven