The student’s gateway to the world of finance

Capitant is the largest finance student organisation in Belgium, with the desire to allow students to unlock their financial literacy and to introduce them to and further guide them in the world of finance.

Why become a member

Rewatch events

Have a chance to rewind an event and learn new things wherever and whenever

Internship opportunities

Our members have better visibility at our partners when applying for internships

Financial knowledge

Members will gain distinctive skills allowing them to better understand financial markets


Capitant offers you the possibility to
build an international network,
unlike any other student association

Our #1 priority

As a member of Capitant, you will hear
first about new offers and get special
attention when applying for our events











Our careers

Do you want to pursue a career in finance? Are you looking for extracurricular events to add to your resume? Fancy an internship or trying to find your first job? Then make sure to check out our Career page!

We offer you two exclusive tracks and international trips bringing you closer to the most relevant players in each sector. Additionally, we gather the most sought-after internship positions all in one place.

Our events

More than 75 events each year, that is what we offer you all around Belgium and even beyond these borders. With topics ranging from asset management to investment banking and from financial consulting to private banking.

We organise lectures, workshops, case competitions, inhouse days and many more. However, all with the same purpose: making sure you have the chance to discover every aspect of the world of finance.

Our teams and structure

Capitant only continues to exist because of the motivated board members we have present in our ranks each year. Each with a different background, a different education, and different interests, but all with the same belief that finance is unmistakably part of one’s life.

That is why we strive for an inclusive and diversified board to be able to represent the financial world as good as we can and to give everyone a chance to develop themselves.

Our partnerships

The many successes we had would not have been achieved without the help of our partners. Therefore, we believe in strong partnerships which last for years, to offer our members the best experience possible.

More than 40 partners rely on our services each year to attract the talented young individuals they are looking for. This number is still growing and so does the value delivered through our partnerships.

Our golden partners

Our silver partners