Bernd Vanmuysen

National President

Capitant’s National President sets out the strategy for the coming and subsequent years and implements it in collaboration with the local Boards. It is his or her job to be the face of the organization to the outside world and keep an overview of all the activities happening. There is close collaboration in the National Board where the President chairs weekly meetings to allow all functional teams to update each other and roll out the strategy and vision together.

Furthermore, the President also chairs the monthly ExCo meetings in which all Presidents and Vice-Presidents of the five cities and the Directors are seated. In these, all operational and strategic matters are discussed and thought out. It is also necessary to maintain contact with our alumni and in this, he or she also sits on the Board of Capitumni to be the sounding board from Capitant to our alumni-working.

Bernd is 23 years old, doing a Master in Science of Business Economics at KU Leuven. He chose to major in Entrepreneurship for his ambition and creativity to enter the world of finance and start-ups. He is currently combining his studies with Capitant and an internship at a scale-up and he is also active in the world of Venture Capital. Outside these matters, you can find him in Leuven on the ‘Oude Markt’ with a fresh pint or behind a drum kit or DJ set.