Michiel Claes

National President

Capitant’s National President sets the strategy for the year within the framework of the longer-term vision. He or she implements it in collaboration with the local and national Boards. It is his or her job to be the face of the organization to the outside world and keep an overview of all the activities happening. There is close collaboration in the National Board where the President chairs weekly meetings to allow all functional teams to carry out their projects. Furthermore, the President also chairs the monthly ExCo meetings in which all Presidents and Vice-Presidents of the five cities and the Directors are seated. In these, all operational and strategic matters are discussed and thought out. The National President is the dedicated point of contact between Capitant and the alumni. To this end, he or she also sits on the Capitumni Board of Directors to act as a sounding board for Capitant within our alumni network, and vice versa.

Michiel is 25 years old, he’s a master’s student in Business Administration with a specialization in Finance and Banking. He is passionate about a lot of topics in finance but mainly interested in Asset Management. Besides his interest in Finance, he’s inspired by photography and endurance sports. This combination leads him to explore and capture some of the more and lesser known beauty in Europe.