AI Finance Summit: Navigating The Future Of Financial Technology


ChatGPT, Google Bard, the new Bing, Microsoft Copilot… the rise of AI seems unstoppable. Many companies believe that computer intelligence can be used effectively, sometimes resulting in unexpected changes. AI changes the way we live and work. But what does the rapid rise of AI mean for finance? Capitant Ghent wants to provide a crystal clear picture of how AI Finance can change and is proud to present their opening event “AI Finance Summit: Navigating the Future of Financial Technology”. In a panel discussion, 4 fantastic speakers from different sectors (finance, law, technology and academia) will share experiences and perspectives on what their fields have in common: the enormous potential of AI.

Wednesday, October 11th

7:00 PM Reception
7:30 PM Start of the event
± 9:00 PM Reception where you can chat with fellow students and our speakers

Auditorium Quetelet, Tweekerkenstraat Gent

Meet the speakers

  • Olivier Pauwels

    Director Wealth Continental Europe @BlackRock

  • Danny Moerenhout

    Anti-fraud expert @ING

  • Johan Vandendriessche

    ICT & Data Protection Lawyer @Affluo

  • Emiel Lemahieu

    Quant researcher @InvestSuite & UGent