Behavioral Finance: the Pyschology of Investing


Nothing drives stock prices as much as emotion. Panic makes investors dump in times of a crash, uphoria drives unprecedented buying volumes in the bull market. Herd behavior costs many investors a lot of returns. It is therefore important to know what drives the great influence of emotions on investment decisions and why the masses suddenly buy or sell participating plots in order to make optimal decisions for themselves. Keeping your own emotions under control is also essential at the stock exchange.
Capitant Ghent wants to share this at our ‘Behavioural Finance: The Psychology of Investing’ event. Interesting tips will be given by the 3 experts for both newcomers and seasoned traders.
Using as fuel the most current events happening in the financial markets, we start with the influence of the human psyche on certain ones. The audience is then in charge and questions can be asked about financial settlement, market behavior and the biggest psychological pitfalls when taking the first steps on the stock exchange. We conclude with a look into the crystal ball in which the speakers share their preview of the recommended months.

Wednesday, October 25th

7:00 PM Reception
7:30 PM Start of the event
± 9:00 PM Reception where you can chat with fellow students and our speakers

Auditorium Devreker, Tweekerkenstraat Gent

Meet the speakers

  • Ellen Vermorgen

    Podcast co-host & redactor @DeTijd
  • Ben Granjé

    CEO @VFB (Vlaamse Federatie voor Beleggers)
  • Cédric Proost

    Money Expert @HLN & Author ‘Je bent jong en je wilt… beleggen’