Economic & Financial Debate


End of the dollar? BRICS build the new world

In this debate, we will look at the most topical and relevant issues in the world of economics and finance.

War in Ukraine: what is the economic impact to date?
Inflation: a comparison between the Eurozone, the USA and emerging markets (China, India, Latin America)
BRICS(+): a primarily political or economic alliance?
Current central bank policy: what about key interest rates?
Digital currencies: state of play, advantages and disadvantages

Financial market analysis: what has driven the US equity market higher this year?
A closer look at the leading sectors of recent years and the reasons behind their performance.
Sectors to watch closely: why?
China’s real estate market: how serious is the situation?
Consequences of reduced oil production on the energy market and future monetary policies.

Meet the speakers

  • Vincent Juvyns

    Global Market Strategist @ JP Morgan Asset Management
  • Bernard Keppenne

    Chief Economist @ CBC Bank & Insurance
  • Pierrick Clerc

    Associate Professor of Economics @ HEC Liège
  • Maud Reinalter

    Chief Investment Officer @ Belfius Investment Partners