How To Pick a Stock Track 2023


One of the most important pieces of advice in the investment world is to start as early as possible. As a student, you are still young and may have already earned some money that you want to invest, but you are not sure how to start. If you recognise yourself in this description, we offer you the solution.

What is the How To Pick a Stock Track?

The How To Pick a Stock Track is a track that consists of 4 workshops to get you started on the stock market. During these workshops the following topics will be covered: Stock Market Introduction, Fundamental Analysis, Portfolio Diversification and ETF’s. We have invited experts with an extensive knowledge on these topics so you get a clear idea on how you can start investing.

Meet the speakers

  • Cédric Proost

    Money Expert at HLN & Author of ‘Je bent jong en wilt… beleggen”

    Workshop Stock Market Introduction 26/10

  • Pascal Paepen

    Stock Market Expert at HLN & Lecturer in Finance at KU Leuven and Thomas More

    Workshop Fundamental Analysis 07/11

  • Apollonia Stackler

    Fund Manager – Global Balanced Funds at Degroof Petercam

    Workshop Portfolio Diversification 14/11

  • Otavio Heiremans

    iShares & Wealth Analyst at BlackRock

    Workshop ETF’s 21/11