Lecture: Prof. Bruno Colmant


What economic model for tomorrow?

From a neoliberal regime to a more sustainable economy…

As part of the release of his latest book, Professor Bruno Colmant, invited by Capitant Liège, will come to HEC to share his latest analyses.

Professor Colmant will explain his concern about an economy beset by challenges arising from the confrontation between a neoliberal logic and the protection of social states. He will also share his vision of the evolution in 40 years of our communities and all the upheavals that this causes. He will conclude by addressing the challenges that await us and that must be tackled with a burning concern…

The lecture will be held in French.

Practical details:

Wednesday 15 February 2023 from 18:00

Adresse: Rue Louvrex, 14 | 4000 Liège

Meet the speaker

  • Prof. Bruno Colmant

    Member of the Belgian Royal Academy, Ph.D. in Economy

    Prof. Bruno Colmant is a Commercial Engineer (Solvay, ULB) and holds a Master in Business Administration (Purdue University, USA). He is also a Master in Fiscal Sciences (ICHEC) and has a PhD in Applied Economics (Solvay, ULB).

    Professor Colmant is Partner at the consultancy firm Roland Berger. Prior to that, he was, among other things, Chairman of the Brussels Stock Exchange and CEO of Degroof Petercam. He is currently a member of the Royal Academy of Belgium and he is the chairman of the Belgian Finance Center (BFC). He also sits on several Boards and Committees.

    Professor Bruno Colmant is well known to the general public as he has published nearly 80 books on finance, accounting and taxation, not to mention nearly 5,000 articles on finance for the written press.