Lecture: Les challenges de l’investissement durable


All you need to know about Sustainable Investment

The conference is in the form of a round table with 4 speakers from both the academic world and the financial world. Each of them represent a distinct area of sustainable investing with their specific experiences.

Speakers will explain everything there is to know about sustainable investing with particular attention to the major challenges facing the industry. They will also trace the value chain, from the creation of sustainable investment products to the end customer.

Practical informations :

The lecture will take place on Wednesday 9 November at 7 p.m. in the Salle Académique, Place du Vingt Août 7 (4000 Liège).

Meet the speakers

  • Marie LAMBERT

    Full Professor

    Marie Lambert is Full Professor and Vice-Dean for Research at HEC Liège. She has developed a research expertise in various financial subjects. Her current research interests lie in Sustainable Finance and Private Equity.

  • Pierre NEMETH

    CEO & Co-Founder at SOPIAD

    Pierre Nemeth is the CEO and Co-Founder of SOPIAD, a Fintech company created after 3 years of R&D at HEC Liège. SOPIAD provide client-centric ratings that simplify investors decisions while comforting their financial well-being and alignment with their personal values.

  • Bertrand BERNIER

    Head of Asset Management at Ethias

    Bertrand Bernier is responsible for the management of Ethias’ investment portfolio. Bertrand and his team manage about €17 billion of invested assets. Through the continuous development of its ESG approach, Ethias aims to demonstrate that investing in a responsible and sustainable manner has a positive impact on society.

  • Elie El Kadi

    ESG Client Portfolio Manager

    Elie El Kadi is responsible for representing the ESG Investments and Research department of Candriam. He has the task to communicate, build and maintain relationships with different stakeholders and clients on Candriam’s ESG investment philosophy, processes, portfolios and performance of the various ESG investment strategies.