Women in Finance: The Psychology behind Gender Inequality


Aula Max Weber – Leuven

Capitant Leuven invites five successful women in finance to come speak about the gender gap in finance and how they have faced this inequality in their personal careers, along with the psychology behind gender inequality in general. Join us at this special event to learn about women in finance!

What to expect?
— Presentation, Panel Discussion and Free Reception!


Iris Meinderts

Sociale & Culturele Psychologie – KULeuven

Iris Meinderts is a PhD candidate in Social and Cultural Psychology at the KU Leuven. Her research interests include social inequality, stereotype threat, responses to stigma and many more.

Marie-Anne Haegeman

Head of Banking & Network Management – Euroclear

In 2018, Marie-Anne decided to leave KBC Group, where she started her career in 1988, to take on a new challenge within Euroclear as the CRO of Euroclear Bank. In addition to this role, in 2020 she became the chair of Euroclear’s Belgian works council. In November 2021, she moved back to the first line, taking the role of Head of Banking and Network Management. As of 2019, she is also a non-executive director on the Board of Argenta, a Belgian bank and insurance company. Finally, she is member of the steering committee of Women in Finance Belgium.

Dominique Inghelbrecht

CFO and VP of Finance – Janssen EMEA Pharmaceuticals

Dominique Inghelbrecht started working for Johnson & Johnson in 2009, after having worked at KPMG and Borealis. In February 2022 she became the CFO and Vice President at Johnson & Johnson.

Laura Lumingu

Corporate Culture & Change Officer – KBC Bank

Laura Lumingu holds a master degree in gender and diversity at the University of Ghent. She started working at KBC Banking & Insurance in 2010 and became Senior Policy Advisor in 2020. Since recently, she took on the role of Corporate Culture and Change Officer.

Coleet Vynckier

Head of Insurance Supervision – National Bank of Belgium

Coleet Vynckier obtained a PhD in mathematics at the KU Leuven and is now head of insurance supervision at the National Bank of Belgium.

Suyin Aerts


Suyin Aerts works in media and combines this job with running her own company called X-Treme Creations. Next to being a female entrepreneur, she is also active as a freelance journalist, moderator, and presenter for TV shows and on stage.