Investment Banking Track

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1️⃣ Prepare your Resume (in Investment-Banking format! View this page for more information)
2️⃣ Write a cover letter
3️⃣ Follow the form through this link :

Do you have a passion for investment banking or private equity? Maybe you’re looking for an internship or a first job in these fields?

🤔 How can you stand out from the competition by mastering all of the necessary hard and soft skills, taught by professionals?

👉 Here’s Capitant’s renowned Investment Banking Track: a series of eight workshops throughout the year where you can learn all the tips and tricks behind an M&A Process, doing Due Diligence, LBO cases or valuing a business.

🧠 Do you want to gain extra knowledge, network with like-minded people and really kickstart your career at a top-tier Investment Banking or Private Equity firm?

👉 Then, prepare and apply now for this eye-opening experience!

✅ You will also earn a certificate when completing the workshops successfully!


⚠️ Participation requires a €50 fee. This covers all transport costs, so all of your train tickets to and from workshops, etc. are refunded.

⚠️ Application deadline 20 October 2022 23:59. Interviews will be held 21st, 22nd and 23rd of October.