Powered by Convictions

Belfius Asset Management, that’s 70 Belgian experts close to you, right here in Belgium. Not in Paris or London, but in your immediate vicinity. Specialists who know your environment and the Belgian market inside and out. In a continuous interaction with international experts of world-class caliber, such as Candriam and BlackRock. Partnerships that not only enrich our way of thinking but also broaden our perspective. High-performing teamwork that is at the origin of our ‘Inspired by Convictions’. Those Convictions serve as the guideline for portfolio management and the funds of our clients. Just as for managing our balance sheet of 150 billion euros, which makes Belfius one of the healthiest financial institutions. Moreover, we are convinced that integrating sustainability principles into our investment solutions not only contributes to a better world but also to solid long-term returns for our clients. Because in the complex and challenging domain of asset management, it is essential to have strong and relevant Convictions. A transparent vision in a language clear to our clients that reflects our values and return objectives. The Convictions are the common thread for always performing better. It is clear: we do not like mediocrity; we love excellence.

Managed with Love

What truly makes Belfius Asset Management unique? Our sincere interest in you and your family. By listening to you, thinking with you, and being personally by your side. The result? Tailored guidance, as opposed to standardized solutions. An approach with a listening ear that takes into account your objectives and investment preferences. An illustration of our warm corporate culture that drives us to want the best for you.

A high-performing combination

By aligning local and international expertise with what you desire, Belfius Asset Management fully meets your expectations. Your wishes are our priority. Doing exactly that is always more for your Love!