Our Society was founded on March 21st, 2006 and has more than 380 members.  The CFA Society Belgium is a leading professional organization that serves as a hub for knowledge sharing, making connections, and professional development for finance professionals in Belgium. Our community is dedicated to advancing the public perception and standing of the financial profession and providing services, and support for our members.

We strive to foster professionalism, promote ethical standards, support the CFA designation, facilitate networking opportunities, provide continuing education, and enhance investment knowledge through research and dissemination of findings. Whether through our frequent events, educational programs, or online resources, we aim to provide our members with the resources to support them to excel in their careers and make an impact in the industry.

Join us to be a part of a community of like-minded individuals dedicated to driving success in the field of finance

The Society is a Belgian VZW (NL: Vereniging zonder Winstoogmerk, FR: Association sans But Lucrative, EN: Non-profit Association) governed by a volunteer board. We are supported by a part-time Society Manager. Our annual income consists of direct membership fees, as well as financial support from the CFA Institute. We also welcome sponsorships from local financial institutions. To develop our industry, further education and improve the quality of investment analysis in Belgium, the Society provides a number of prizes and scholarship awards.

We organise regular meetings and trainings in Brussels and other locations, as well as virtual seminars.