Roland Berger is an international management consultancy headquartered in Munich. With 2,400 employees and 52 offices in 35 countries, it has a presence in all major industrialized and emerging markets. They are the only European consultancy with a strong international footprint and are one of the leading representatives of their industry.

They are committed to three fundamental values: entrepreneurship, excellence and empathy. They constitute the foundation of our professional work as consultants, their interaction with their clients, business partners and communities, and define their entire corporate culture.


We understand entrepreneurial challenges, and know what makes successful entrepreneurs. This means actively exploring unconventional ideas, taking risks and blazing new trails, but also willingness to assume responsibility. We encourage our employees to take responsibility for business decisions early on in their career. All of us are eager to find innovative and sustainable solutions to help our clients be “game-changers” in their environment.


We achieve excellent results and develop global best practices to ensure both measurable and sustainable success. Our goal is excellence in our work with clients, in the way we develop our knowledge and in our interaction with each other – externally and internally. To do so, we challenge ourselves time and again. We appreciate brilliant minds that create sound analyses and fact-based approaches. Investing in our employees’ development is essential to ensure outstanding results for our clients and build long-lasting relationships with them. We value open discussion and debate in decision-making until the best possible outcome has been achieved.


We place ourselves in your position to be able to act as insightful, respectful and responsible advisors. Roland Berger employees offer a unique combination of intellectual and emotional competence to meet our clients’ aims and needs. We act as partners alongside our clients and focus on understanding the real problem, offering peer-to-peer advice and tailored approaches. Our firm is committed to tolerance and respect. We value diversity as a strength within our own company and know how to thrive on diversity in our clients’ environment. Appreciating other’s perspectives and feedback, we take all stakeholders into careful consideration and respond with integrity to the trust our clients place in us.