Our purpose

As bank-insurer, our purpose is to help all our stakeholders realise their dreams and protect them. 

We aspire at being far more than a bank and an insurance: we want to enable and protect the dreams of our clients. Even more: we want to inspire, boost and stimulate those who count on us, day after day.

What we do, we do it so that others can grow and achieve their respective goals: we enable our retail clients to plan and realise their projects, and help them to then protect them; we cooperate with our business clients so that they can grow and develop in the long term; we drive local economies so that communities can further develop, we offer services to their citizens, opportunities for their young people; we are preparing for tomorrow’s challenges, so that our current and future employees can develop their potential.

Who are we?

  • Formed in 1998 after the merger of two Belgian banks (Kredietbank and CERA Bank) and a Belgian insurance company (ABB Insurance).
  • Principal activity: integrated bank-insurance.
  • Clients: 12 million.
  • Core markets: Belgium, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Bulgaria. Also present, to a limited extent, in other countries.
  • Network: ca. 1 200 bank branches, insurance sales via own agents and other channels, various electronic channels.
  • Employees:  40 000